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Welcome To Shri Dhyanyogiji Welfare Foundation

Indian culture is always imbibed with the feeling of "May all be happy and healthy". The life of our sages till their last breath emphasizes the feeling of letting others free from miseries.

The enlighten gems of such heritage of saints are Shri Dhyanyogi Madhusudandasji and Shri Anandi Ma.

The whole life of Shri Madhusudandasji was spent for seeker`s progress in spiritual path, by giving them ‘Shaktipath dheeksha’ and in service of helping each and every people in spite of his disciples, non-disciples, poor or diseased.

He dwelled on this earth for 116 years with his gross-body. In the last stage of his life when he was questioned, " whether he has any desire in his mind?" to which he answered quickly, "The profound desire of helping others dwells even now as it was earlier".

Dhyanyogiji usually says, "This house is on fire, Loot all you can". He remain embodiment of "How I am the cause of everyone upliftment" (Bhagwad Gita).

The first meeting of Pujyashri Anandi Ma and Dhyanyogiji reminds the meeting of Shri Ramkrishna Paramhansa and Swami Vivekanand. In merely first meeting, shri Dhyanyogiji introspected that this girl (that time Shri Ma was at the age of 13 years) is the only inheritor of his tradition.

Shri Anandi Ma engrossed the highest feeling of how to be the cause of well-being of every people in spite of her spiritual superiority, by spending several years in the vicinity of her guru Dhyanyogiji’s feet. Shri Ma became like her guru by giving herself in his feet that’s why Dhyanyogiji’s strength and compassion resonate itself in her personality.

Shri Dhyanyogiji had established disaster relief centers, primary school in Bandhwad, gaushala, hospital in Bihar etc. during his life.

Dhyanidham was established by shri Anandi Ma at Nikora, Gujarat in the memory of beloved Dhyanyogiji.

"Shri Dhyanyogiji Welfare Foundation" is also established at Dhyanidham by the blessing of Shri Anandi Ma for the service of the nearby people.

For the past 20 years, Dhyanidham center has been serving needy people by distributing food grain, arranging medical camp yearly, giving economic assistance to students with notebooks and shoes etc.

Moved by the crowd of diseased people in medical camps for the past many years, shri Anandi Ma got the inspiration to build a permanent medical center, and after which “Shri Anandi Ma Medical Center” came into existence.

"Come, Sit, Meditate and Experience Your Self"
Dhyanyogi Shri Madhusudandasji